My favorite term for the preppy and/or popular kids in high school. Typically, these kids are little shits who aren't used to hearing the word "no" because their parents were softies or chickenshits and did not discipline them when they were young. They are on every goddamn page in the yearbook and throw a bitch fit over the smallest things (i.e. when their grade drops below 90) and think they know everything and won't shut the fuck up unless physically assaulted.
Boy, those little pricks are in for a real shock when the apocalypse happens.

Frank: "Man I'm THIS close to beating the shit out of those little pricks."
Tom: "Not worth it, dude. They'll get theirs."
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010
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When you can't find the right words to describe a sniveling, conniving, conceited, sneaky, overbearing, irritant goodie-two-shoes little fuck, you can sum it up by calling them a mincey little prick.
Person 1: Hey you, you Mincey Little Prick!
Person 2: What? What have I done to earn such a title?
Person 1: You have (insert offence here) which has annoyed me, you Mincey Fuck.
by Kirbysucksdick March 21, 2013
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Hey, there's that jerky little prick Travis. Let's go kick his ass all over this parking lot.
by MilkyLicker July 28, 2004
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A person who, annoyingly states and exaggerates the obvious in a cocky tone, or gives a ridiculous answer to a stupid question - infuriating the person its aimed at.
Sam: Hey , whats the capital of Italy again?
Warren: Errrr I know, I know ... London?!
Sam: Fucking CLP
Warren: CLP?
Same - Cocky little Prick (CLP)!!
by w12fusilier September 19, 2012
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