A frequently recurring ad on urbandictionary.com, including lame, and sometimes unintelligible, jokes featured on a poor quality crew neck shirt worn by women in a waist-up photograph.
A football, and beneath it says soccer.
How ingenious, I am dying of laughter, my guts are busting with chuckles. Well done, Bustedtees, you cracked open another can of suck.
by Ralph D. November 14, 2007
The company with the annoying ads of all the girls wearing t-shirts on urbandictionary
You "Rish" you were drunk?...Alrighty then.

Bustedtees have lame jokes on them

by Allthenamesaretaken111 April 13, 2007
A containment unit used to contain mammaries of a female homosapien.
There are presumably breasts under those bustedtees.
by Snicker Tits January 27, 2009
the annoying adds on urbandictonay.com they have very hot girls with their tees on and have very stupid jokes
-on one of bustedtees adds
a beer bottle an a pack of cigs, caption reads "BFF"
yea real funny...
by divine maddog January 25, 2009
A brand of t-shirt only meant for busty women, who like their t-shirt to be busted in public view.
The origin of the name is from a very old incident. Once upon a time, a busty woman wore this shirt(very cheap) and her tees got busted and boobies were out. From then onwards, the brand was renamed to bustedtees.
Yesterday she wore a Bustedtees and guess what happened!! Her mellons were out with full view in the pub.
by Dicky Tom June 26, 2010
Stupid annoying add on Urban Dictionary that has the dumbest and most unfunny "jokes" on them and never goes away. Fugly girls, unfunny shirt. Might as well be a birdy, cheep cheep cheep (oh no. the terrible jokes are spreading onto us all!)

Most likely, if you look to your right, you will examine a crappy add with a <fodle> wearing an <unfunny> joke.

Bustedtees, I finally know how you got your name. It was gonna be either that or Crappytees, rite?

<boring>, <annoying>, <crappy>, <crapshit>, <fugly>, <fodles>, <ugly>, <weird>, <unfunny>
"Press button, receive bacon". Omfg. I'm gonna seriously die of purely insane laughter.

" The jokes on you." Wow. I get it. I'm wearing the shirt with the shitty joke thats on me.

Thanx BustedTees. Smart. *sarcasm*
by Brandnewday May 19, 2009