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(noun) - The point at which one stops feeling remorseful regarding a thought, comment or action.
I hit the regret ceiling last night regarding my comment toward Jody's weight several weeks ago. Her fat ass just needs to get over it.
by ITALUS September 06, 2011

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(noun) - Posting a message on facebook that initiates a wall war between two friends that do not know each other which compels the poster to delete posts, send instant messages and texts to quell the skirmish.
Larry: Wow! What's was up with your post last night? You certainly had Jody and Lisa catfighting on your wall.

Vince: Yeah, I had to partake in some serious crisis wall management.
by ITALUS September 09, 2011

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(noun) - When someone makes a comment regarding a post on Facebook or tweet that you completely forget about.
Jody: So did you end up all wet this weekend?
Chuck: Excuse me?
Jody: Yeah you facebooked it was raining at your cabin.
Chuck: Ohh riggghhhhttt... Sorry, Post-Amnesia
by ITALUS September 12, 2011

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(n.) The sleeves basketball players wear that extend from the wrist to the bicep popularized by Allen Iverson in the early 2000's.
Ricky: Man... Dwight Howard was looking downright sexy in his purple bi highs during last night's game.

Vince: I guess bro... If you're into that sort of thing. I prefer straight commando, personally.
by Italus November 05, 2012

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(v.) The act of getting hoodwinked, completely screwed, or royally f**cked by an organization and/or person much like Coach Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2012/13 NBA basketball season.
Bill: I was up for that new promotion but was totally Jacksoned by the company for Larry.

Steve: Sorry to hear that Bill, you were the right man for the job!
by ITALUS November 13, 2012

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A euphemistic corporate term used in farewell emails, most notably to indicate to the entire company someone's ass got fired.
Please be advised that as of last Friday, Bill is no longer employed by the company. We would like to thank Bill for his contributions to the organization over the past 5 years and wish him well in his "future endeavors".
by ITALUS February 22, 2013

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