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A strawman epithet used to attack rational people who understand the value of government in functional society. Often uttered by people who claim to be anti-collectivist but mindlessly fall into herd mentality because they lack the ability to think independently.
"I tried to calmly explain to him how government funded programs make technological progress possible, and he replied with 'OMGUSTATISTPIG'. There's no use in reasoning with people who don't believe in reason, I guess."
by I'm So Cratic May 26, 2017
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A pseudo-ideology that attempts to meld an economic policy that requires a government to properly function with a governmental policy that can only be sustainable through a collectivist economy, and by any reasonable thought experiment would produce something neither anarchic nor capitalist but more resembling a dystopian, Stalin-esque society.

Claims to be anti-authoritarian, but when they support politicians, these politicians are uniformly authoritarian.

Also claim to be anti-collectivist, but dare criticize their cult-like philosophy and thousands will swarm on you like the goddamn Borg.
"Just found a mod that lets you establish Anarcho-Capitalism in Civ" "Oh yeah, what happens?" "It becomes a dictatorship in your next turn." "Wait, in Quick?" "No, Marathon." "Sounds about right."
by I'm So Cratic May 26, 2017
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1. Extreme-right political personality who constantly talks out of his ass and wins arguments by interrupting and yelling loudly not letting his 'guest' get a word in edgewise.

2. Adverb for the act of speaking complete nonsense.

Synonyms: Republican lapdog, pseudointellectual.
Antonyms: Stephen Colbert
The President really knows how to Bill O'Reily a speech.
by I'm So Cratic March 23, 2007
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A shitty band whose name describe not only its frontman, but also its fanbase.
"I thought I was listening to a Tool song. Turned out to be just some drunk guy rambling nonsense while playing a poorly tuned guitar very, very slowly."

"...That IS a Tool song, dude."
by I'm So Cratic February 17, 2019
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Pop rock for angsty middle school suburbian kids and soccer moms, much like Disturbed and Slipknot before them, as well as their contemporaries Avenged Sevenfold. About as metal as Justin Beiber. 1/1000000th as metal as BABYMETAL.
"Are you a fan of Five Finger Death Punch?"
"No, I listen to heavy metal."
by I'm So Cratic September 16, 2018
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Childish epithet used by people with a herd mentality to attack those who disagree with their herd.
"Of course, when you show them proof that jet fuel can cause total structural damage to steel beams, they'll just bleat the word 'sheeple' at you."

"That's an AnCap for you."
by I'm So Cratic May 26, 2017
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