stands for "Livestream Fail" is a term used in twitch community.
Viewers usually post a streamer clip to /r/livestreamfail reddit.
"Have you seen his latest clip in LSF? It's so cringey."
by Moonbyeol1421 June 9, 2019
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lick suck fuck
by Woburn Footballer October 30, 2011
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Last Stand Faggot. A person, preferably in COD MW2, who uses the last stand perk, and has a chance to get back up. This is very unrealistic and stupid. These people get put in last stand and hide around a corner and stop someone of their killstreak.
Danm it! that son bitch LSF laying on the ground! Someone get eem!
by ChicoLegend March 9, 2011
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If you're looking this up, you cannot guess Parren's nickname and you came here to look for it. Bad news buddy, its not here.
Guy 1: "Hey man, i've been wondering for awhile now what does LSF stand for?"
Parren: "You gotta guess, I cant tell you"
by lilhanklsf April 13, 2020
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A phrase used by Mr. Simon Lo ( a teacher in LSC ). LSF represents a Cantonese phrase. The phrase means 'to scrap of a person's butt'. If a student forgets to hand in homework assigned by Mr. Simon Lo, he will curse the student to LSF.
Mr. Lo: You forgot to hand in your homework. Now you will LSF!
Me: No! I don't want my butt to be scrapped off!
by DirtyUtensilsAreDirty October 26, 2020
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some person keeps lying to you and when you've reached the limit of their lies you go "fuck it, you're an LSF". the word is then used on the person =)
by x3Pleasure March 8, 2011
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It means Listen so Forth as in
by Ulisis March 8, 2007
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