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voluntold: The exact opposite of volunteering. Always used in reference to an unpleasant task to which you have been assigned by your boss.
Example 1:

Co-worker 1: I hear you got a transfer.
Co-worker 2: Yeah. I didn't want to, but I was voluntold.

Example 2:

Co-worker 1: You want to go fishing Saturday???
Co-worker 2: I can't, I got voluntold I have to work this weekend.
by Honorarius March 13, 2006

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The sexual act of lubing up the handle of a cooking pot, placing it in a female's anus; then, as you penetrate her vagina with your penis, you defecate in the pot.
I can't believe that bitch let me give her the Pot Roast...
by Honorarius January 27, 2006

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A sniggler is someone who takes the parking spot you wanted, or who otherwise does something perfectly legitimate, but which nonetheless inconveniences or annoys you.
That sniggler just took my parking spot!!!
by Honorarius April 08, 2006

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Slang term for a woman's menstrual fluids.
That sick bastard likes to lick his wife's muff marinara!!!
by Honorarius April 09, 2006

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NOYFB: Acronym standing for None Of Your Fucking Business. Usually used in chat rooms by females in response to constant asl requests from horny teenage boys.
1337hax0r: Any 1 4 cyber???
Ch1ck1e: No thanks.
1337hax0r: a/s/l
Smacktard: asl
B1gD1ck: ASL
1337hax0r: Where da horny chicks???
Smacktard: asl
1337hax0r: a/s/l pleeze ;P
B1gD1ck: asl
Smacktard: asl
Ch1ck1e: NOYFB
by Honorarius March 13, 2006

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Helmets and gloves is a form of boxing played before or after a hockey/lacrosse practice/game. Two participants wear their hockey/lacrosse helmets and gloves while the rest of the team watches. The object of the game is to punch the other person in the head as much as possible. ONLY punches to the head are allowed. Match ends when one person gives up or gets knocked down. A common game among teenage hockey/lacrosse players to see who is tougher.
Player 1: Wanna go helmets and gloves after the practice???
Player 2: Sure.

by Honorarius May 13, 2006

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Oral sex while you are shitting. A combination of the words "toilet bowl" and "blow job".
Man, that whore is so dirty... She just gave me a bowl job in the outhouse.
by Honorarius April 03, 2006

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