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NOYFB: Acronym standing for None Of Your Fucking Business. Usually used in chat rooms by females in response to constant asl requests from horny teenage boys.
1337hax0r: Any 1 4 cyber???
Ch1ck1e: No thanks.
1337hax0r: a/s/l
Smacktard: asl
B1gD1ck: ASL
1337hax0r: Where da horny chicks???
Smacktard: asl
1337hax0r: a/s/l pleeze ;P
B1gD1ck: asl
Smacktard: asl
Ch1ck1e: NOYFB
by Honorarius March 13, 2006
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when someone asks you a question you don't wanna answer
guy#1:hey man,you got a girlfriend yet

guy#2:its n.o.y.f.b,man

guy#1:what does that mean?

guy#2:none of your fucking business
by twinblades666 August 06, 2010
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