10 definition by Honorarius

The term for when someone ties their shoes so tight that the opposite sides actually touch in the middle above the tongue.
Person 1: Hey, look at Mike, he's got a shoe wedgie...
by Honorarius April 13, 2008

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A drink:

2 shots of Ouzo
1 shot of Amaretto
1 shot of Scotch

Combine in glass...


History of the ugly: A bunch of us were at a bar for a co-workers birthday. We bought the birthday boy a number of shots, so many in fact, that he couldn't drink them fast enough. We convinced him to pour the four remaining shots (The ones listed above) into a beer glass, and then chug it. He did, and now as a birthday tradition, a guy MUST drink the ugly on his birthday.
He drank the ugly and puked everywhere!!!
by Honorarius February 23, 2006

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Slang term for a vagina...
That bitch gave bad head, so I gave her a boot to the mucker...
by Honorarius February 18, 2006

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