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A self-identified lesbian or dyke who happens to have been born with the birth defect of a wholly or semi-operative penis.

This term can sometimes be applied to such a person after said birth defect has been altered by means of corrective surgery, but is more appropriate before such repairs have been undertaken.
As 'John', she was able to pass as a straight man, but now, as 'Joanne', she's an out transdyke.
by Honor March 14, 2005
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technically just a trans girl who likes girls

more commonly used to mean a TMA trans who is culturally / aesthetically a dyke, regardless of their specific sexuality (bi/pan/ace/etc). a more aggressive term than trans lesbian.

also known as the people who've been getting shit done on the street while the rest of you LGBT "activists" bitch about gay marriage on facebook
trans dykes are good and pure
via giphy
by fish trap July 16, 2018
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Pretty much all straight males describe themselves as a "lesbian trapped in a man's body" at some point or another. After they realize that everyone laughs at them when they say that, they start describing themselves as a transdyke. This is done under the idea that if you use a word people don't understand, they take you more seriously.
A: I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body
B: You're an idiot.


A: I'm a transdyke
B: *confusion*
by buki March 17, 2007
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