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Gynmasium is a portmanteau of the Proto-Indo-European root Gyn- and the word Gymnasium. A gynmasium is both a female only gym and a female only academy, an institution to support young Women to advance and promote the coming gynarchy.
My daughter has been accepted into the local gynmasium, where she will train and learn how to smash the patriarchy.
by HoneyBunsofSteel June 15, 2023
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A collective noun for online dominant males hunting for new submissives. Based on Shiver being the collective noun for sharks.
Watch out for the shivers - the Dominate males who sit behind keyboards waiting to predate upon new and vulnerable Women wanting to explore their sexuality online.
by HoneyBunsofSteel April 29, 2023
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a kinkster who has no preference for the gender of those they engage in sensation play. For example a female sadist who has no gender preference as to the masochists who she plays with.
Ted States: I’m bihurtable I would like to receive birthday cane strokes from Bob & Carol & Alice.
by HoneyBunsofSteel January 15, 2023
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Elon Musk's vision for Twitter when he finally owns the platform
Whiling away my time aimlessly on Muskovision, awaiting the return of The President, wondering how Elon Musk will improve his new possession.
by HoneyBunsofSteel June 25, 2022
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Love your lover's lover for they too love your lover
Love is multiplicative, compersion in nature. Love in its whole is much greater than the sum of the discrete pairings.
by HoneyBunsofSteel October 25, 2020
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a kinkster who prefers to either give or receive sensation play to a person of a different gender. For example, a male masochist may only wish to ‘suffer’ at the hands of a female sadists.
Bob states: Sorry Ted, I’m strictly heterohurtable, I only want birthday spanks from Carol and Alice.
by HoneyBunsofSteel January 15, 2023
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Epi as in over or above, thus epikink is the kink that sits above all others in your pantheon of kinks
What's your epikink? Mine is to support Women to empower themselves.
by HoneyBunsofSteel April 29, 2023
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