3 definitions by HoneyBunsofSteel

Love your lover's lover for they too love your lover
Love is multiplicative, compersion in nature. Love in its whole is much greater than the sum of the discrete pairings.
by HoneyBunsofSteel October 25, 2020
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Elon Musk's vision for Twitter when he finally owns the platform
Whiling away my time aimlessly on Muskovision, awaiting the return of The President, wondering how Elon Musk will improve his new possession.
by HoneyBunsofSteel June 25, 2022
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A collective term for a group of sadists.
Sanguine, being bloody, bloodthirsty, and yet at the same time being warm, optimistic, full of hope, indulgent in pleasure
A sanguine of sadists gathered at a play party to sample the flesh of the submissive and masochists in attendance, causing pleasure and pain.
by HoneyBunsofSteel May 11, 2022
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