Optomistic or Hopeful concerning the outcome of a potentially disastrous situation. Plus, point of interest, it also means bloody.
Are you sanguine about the kind of reception we're apt to receive?
by Browncoatsareforever June 6, 2015
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Turning red easily, especially in the face, when doing sports, being shy, drinking alcohol, laughing... As if it was because of a particularly fast flow of blood in the veins.

Devenir rouge facilement, surtout dans le visage, en faisant du sport, en étant soudainement gêné.e, en buvant, en riant... Comme si c'était à cause d'un flux particulièrement rapide de sang dans les veines.
-Omg Eve, you turned so red all of a sudden!
-I know, i'm really sanguine!

-Omg Eve, t'es virée rouge tout d'un coup!
-Je sais, je sais. Je suis vraiment sanguine !
by Estestbarn October 20, 2020
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The color of night.
Sanguine, my brother.
by CatDaddy December 26, 2012
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An overblown drama queen, attention whore and syphilitic simpleton who will NOT go away.
Rosemary liked to Sanguine up the joint. No one was amused.
by Bitchface69 September 8, 2010
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A collective term for a group of sadists.
Sanguine, being bloody, bloodthirsty, and yet at the same time being warm, optimistic, full of hope, indulgent in pleasure
A sanguine of sadists gathered at a play party to sample the flesh of the submissive and masochists in attendance, causing pleasure and pain.
by HoneyBunsofSteel May 11, 2022
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A rare species of penguin; found generally in warmer climates.
The sanguine ate his young.
by thomas j. smith December 14, 2005
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