7 definitions by Holland Faggot

G: gremlin like
I: impish

R: retarded
L: little

S: spawns of satin
This arcanum is the best way to describe Pre teen girls. While finding others pain and suffering enjoyable they can be found lurking in the shadows of boys hearts and sex offenders search history. By age 12, some parents take advantage of their little angle by turning them into a cash cow, via YouTube videos, child actor, or even something as simple as a lemonade stand forcing to do something they don’t want to do for money. Some of the worst living creature on this planet.
Teen 2; I’m sorry, I’ll buy you a coffee
Teen 1; OMG I HATE YOU SOO MUCH, I HOPE YOU DIE *runs away sobbing*
by Holland Faggot May 10, 2019
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He’s a Fortnite Gammer. The most white trash bratty kid you’ll see. He likes to insult people acting all tough behind a monitor but when you’ll see him in person he’ll fold like when Oprah sits down on a wooden chair. He ain’t a girl, but his penis isn’t big enough to make him a guy. He will tell you to kill yourself if he ever feels insulted and if you get on his bad side, he might throw a stick at you. He disrespects his parents and treats them like property. He also disrespects woman and other cultures. Never go out to lunch with him, he’ll sneeze all over the food, maybe even if he wants to cum in the nachos with his nasty pre-pubescent essences. He’s so bad at sports that he has to play soccer and call it a real sport. He so is inaccurate that if he was Lee Harvey Oswald (the person that shot jfk) JFK WOULD HABE BEEN AROUND TO SEE THE MOON LANDING. Never, never be friends with Owen.
Dickwipe 1; yo, did you hear Owen hit his mom with a slipper
Dickwipe 2; yea, he also got suspended for going into the girls locker room, pervert
by Holland Faggot May 11, 2019
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Between the ages of 7-19 these mythical creatures can best be described as tumors. Some of their defining traits are having balls the size of raisins, having more then 3 pairs of shoes, acting depressed, and being shorter then 5’1’.If you encounter one of these entity’s make sure that you run as far as you can as its fat ass won’t be able to keep up with you. Make sure you lock your door for extra protection. If you are met with a situation where you must confront them then the best thing to do is to tell their parents. If that doesn’t work then curb-stomp their fucking face in.
Fortnite Gamer: throws stick at kid in fight
Other child: fucking body’s him
by Holland Faggot May 8, 2019
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Oh fuck. That is the reaction that any man, woman, or thing should have when she arrives. You know the second she busts through the door she’s packing drugs and alcohol. Always a fun person to be around when the party starts and if there is no party, you better bet your tight little asshole she’s starting one. While looking like any standard person on the surface, you don’t wanna start need with her. Fuck either her, and faster then it takes a male porn star to fill any hole she’ll rip your fucking windpipe out and shove it up your ass. And don’t dare talk shit about her boyfriend, she’ll kill you then bring you back to life so she can beat the living fucking shit out of your pathetic ass all with a fucking smellable marker. Growing up in philly, she don’t take bullshit from no one. Don’t get in her way, or else.
Faggot 1, Yo, did you hear what she did,
Faggot 2, who Keira,
Faggot 1, yeah, she put a kid in a wheelchair with a fucking marker
by Holland Faggot May 11, 2019
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The best and worst person to be friends with. While he is a great friend and great to be around he can also suck. For example, say if you tell him a secrete he’s like a black person being bribed with a bucket of kfc. He’ll open his mouth right away. But, you could never be angry at him. You always get excited when something good happens for him, it’s pike a curse. Watch out, cause he’ll steal your crush six ways to Sunday. Then finger her and dump her the next day just to prove a point.
Cop: another suicide
Other cop: man, these girls are dropping like flies, it’s that Lee boy
by Holland Faggot May 11, 2019
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The only way to address him is through, “YO STEPHEN.” Stephen is a goat, he’ll buy you a lunch and give you answers to last’s nights homework. It’s hard to be around him for very long because of one defining trait, his skin. He isn’t normal white, not pale, but he’s the same color as this webpage white. Sometimes you lose sight of him during gym because he blends into the floors and walls. He’s so white you can use him as a describing word. He’s overall a really weird kid, you can see him on the bus with head phones in bobbing back and forth like a bobble head or Canadian person when the talk about the size of a girls breasts.
Me: *walks outside after it snows while the sun is shining bright* ahh, it’s so bright out, what the Stephen
by Holland Faggot May 11, 2019
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The biggest fucking pussy you will ever meet. This kid starts crying if it’s too breezy our. He claims to be a Russian but he’d never touch a drop of liquor in his entire life. Needless to say, you wanna be friends with this kid cause of someone insults him, well make sure you can do like the song pumped up kicks and “run faster then his bullets.” He must be a wizard, cause despite the fact that he a total loser, HE GETS MORE PUSSY IN A WEEK THEN YOU DO YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.
Anyone: Val, your such a fag. Suck my dick loser
Val: reaches in locker, *click click* what was that?
by Holland Faggot May 11, 2019
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