19 definition by Hmmm

Sex with someone in your own dorm.
Unlike Nick D, every definition doesn't require bitterness relating to Stanford.
by Hmmm July 03, 2004

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pubic hair
hair in the pussy area
hair around her private area
Is there hair down there?
by Hmmm May 12, 2004

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Deshen Townsead, nickel cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
"Do you think Townsead will be able to take the starting job from Wassongtin?"
by hmmm March 24, 2003

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fat girl named mary, lacks basic hygeine, has few human friends, clames to be a witch
that hummungawhore tried to walk threw a door, and took the building with her.
by hmmm February 14, 2003

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equivilent to "not it" when someone asks "whos going to to be the designated driver tonight?" everyone calls out eggs, and the last person to do so gets stuck with the dirty task.
by hmmm August 26, 2003

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A person.
Who is that sock?
They is a total odd sock!
by Hmmm May 05, 2004

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