19 definitions by Himura

Reversed blade sword
Himura Kenshin uses a sakabatou
by Himura May 29, 2003
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An excuse to use the word "poon"
Dont poon jab me!
by Himura May 30, 2003
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A frisbee with the word "poo" written on it.
A true poosbee can only be created at company picnics in one of those spinny things that you put paint on.
by Himura July 16, 2003
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The "language" that otakus use. Otakus who use it usually know very little or no Japanese at all.
"John is so KAWAII!"
"Those guys are really baka ne?"
"hes such a bish!"
by Himura April 14, 2004
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A homemade bong that requires only a 3 liter bottle with the top cut off, a 2 liter bottle with the bottom cut off, tin foil, tape, and weed.

You can get awesome pure hits from one of these.
Dude the gravity bong is awesome
by Himura February 20, 2004
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shake it. shake shake it shake it.
by Himura February 18, 2004
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