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Some sort of horrid "band". They exist to annoy the shit out of everyone. I'm thinking they're all gay and the lead singer only makes out with some chick in a video to cover up his gayness.
Girl at Maroon 5 Audition: What? You mean I have to make out with him!?!?!?
Director: Yeah, but I'll pay you 3000 bucks if you agree.
Girl at Maroon 5 Audition: Ahh, screw it. You'd have to pay me more than that! I'm outta here!
Director: Damn, lost another one! Alright, girl 23, you're ne...Wait, you're a guy!
"Girl" 23: I know, but he's so beautiful!
Director: Well, you're the last one, go ahead!
by Highly Evolved March 28, 2005
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Where I live. It's not that bad and the weather can be really sucky and rainy, or really hot and dry. There's a bunch of drugheads in my area, I don't mind. Some times it can be really boring, but that's just cause my town is so small and I sit around doing nothing all day.
by Highly Evolved March 28, 2005
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A virus is the human race. The human race is cutting down forests, melting polar ice caps, and destroying the world.
And that's why the hippies and tree huggers basically died out in the 70's because, once again, the human race is a virus and is destroying everything in it's path.
by Highly Evolved March 23, 2005
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Widely known as "Straight Edge".

However, it CAN be used as "sexy", or can be a misspelling of "sex".
Internet Convo
Guy: Carmen...Yeah, she's fuckin' sxe.
Other Guy: Yeah I know, she turns down drugs/beer/casual sex when offered. I know...'cause I already asked.
Guy: Dumbass, I'm meant sexy.
Other Guy: Oh, my bad, thought you were talking about straight edge (FTW).
Guy: Fuck the what? Nobody cares about that trend.
Other Guy: No, I meant the lifetime commitment, non-fad kind.
Guy: Oh, that's fuckin' alright, then.
by Highly Evolved June 24, 2006
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A store I don't really care for, but whenever I do go in, I'm always questioned if I want a damn Target card. We are becoming the target of annoyence.
Target Staff Member #1: Hey, want a chance for a target card?
Me: No, thanks.
Target Staff Member #2: Would you like to sign up for a target card?
Me: No...
Target Staff Member #3: Would you like to apply for a targe...
by Highly Evolved March 28, 2005
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Used in real life conversations or IM meaning, "I'm pretending that's funny, but it's really not" or, "I have not idea/I don't care what you just said, so I'm gonna say this." Also sometimes used with lack of enthusiasm in real life to show sarcasm.

Similar to lol, lolocaust, and haha.
Frank: I just threw an apple at my sister! LOL!
Donnie: Haha, that's funny.

Meaning: What the fuck, you suck at humour.

Joe: So, I said, "No, that's my seat, yours is over there."
Jake: Haha, that's funny.

Meaning: I'm bored, I'm gonna go get high.
by Highly Evolved May 20, 2006
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