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Firstly, I am clearly no expert on the subject of love; it appears I am as far from it as possible.
However, hopefully I can still impart some wisdom here that may at the very least help me and hopefully help others find some clarity after the love has been lost.

The purpose of life (as least to me) is to find someone to share your life with; someone you can love who also loves you.
For many of us who have found and lost that for whatever reason; life itself can appear pointless.

I have loved and been loved once.

I miss the love, I miss myself, but most of all I miss Chalice.

When a relationship ends it can do a great deal of damage to one or both parties.
While this is often inescapable; there is a way to at least attempt to minimise the damage.

One of the most important aspects of any relationship.
If you truly care about someone as you should still do if you were ever in love with them, you will make the effort to listen to them and to attempt to give them clarity.
It takes two people to love; it may only take one for love to be lost. While it may be easier to protect yourself by blaming the other person for everything that ever went wrong or if you are that way inclined even attempting to hurt them and hating them; that is never fair to yourself or to them.
I am sure this is not as easy at it sounds; but, unfortunately life wasn’t meant to be easy.
Some people can quite easily replace the one they loved, this appears to be the easiest way to gain closure for that person, but it is also the easiest way to diminish the one who still loves you.
Someone who can love completely will make the effort to help someone that they have loved.
In this day and age unfortunately/fortunately a lot of communication is via text/messaging/email etc. While this allows people to be able to communicate easily, it also allows people to ignore communication altogether and leave the other party with no knowledge as to whether their message was even received let alone read.
As I have recently discovered, this lack of knowledge can create great confusion and self doubt.
If you consider yourself to be a decent human being, you should at least make the effort to try to explain your feelings (or lack of them) or at the very least tell the other party that you do not wish to ever hear from them again.
Ignoring or blocking is rude, selfish and shallow.
This may appear to be attacking; however, it is simply my point of view at this time.
My love will never read this as she did not read other words. Perhaps for all I know now, she never did listen to or respect me at all. Right now that is all too easy to believe. Out of respect for her and myself however; I still believe that the love we shared was true and beautiful. I need to believe that.

Love Lost
Monday 18/01/2010
by sandy28 January 18, 2010
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