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This is a hacked ROBLOX group and you should NEVER go to it. When you die in the pits of the group's games, the game will freeze. The thing is, if you request to join, then get accepted and play the group's games, it will be used as a keylogger and will store data.
There is no way I can put S M I L E : ) into a sentence, lol
by HiGuyzItzMeh October 5, 2020
Giving the most approval to quality or figure. Maybe even taste if it’s food.
Best pancake ever!🥞🥞🥞
by HiGuyzItzMeh November 24, 2019
Give disapproval to someone or something as if they are going to get scrapped or fired. This happens with food or something as if you don’t want it.
“So he stamped the word rejected as his plan wouldn’t work”
“Boss: Time to reject you. You’ve been my favorite employee long enough.”
by HiGuyzItzMeh November 23, 2019
A male reproductive organ to stick into a womans vagina or mouth, averagely sized 4.3-6 inches in the United States.
1: Hmm, I want to stick my cock in someone...
2: I will do!
1:*Rips clothes off and shows a 7” cock*
2: *rubs cock*
1:*pushes the cock in her mouth
2: *speaks under the cock* you are so MMHMH
1:*forces 2 down on the floor*
2:*vagina’s wet soaks into the carpet*
1:*shoves the cock into the pussy*
2:*cock rubs g-spot*
2:Harder! Faster!
1: *shoves cock in harder and faster each thrust*
2: Ahhh! Oooh! More!
by HiGuyzItzMeh November 23, 2019
Ate is the past tense of eat. This could mean you ate fingerlickin chicken and stuff.

Ate(pronounced at-ēyh) is to express the female relative of your older sister
I ate a piece of cake
Hey Ate Ella, can I borrow your charger?
by HiGuyzItzMeh November 24, 2019
When something gets inspired off of an original brand. The company then starts to make the brand they wanted and steal the design from that other brand they copy. (example: Dr. Thunder is ripped off of Dr. Pepper)
Ryan: Hey D, What you up to?
Dean: Nothing much, bro...
Ryan: I was hired to a company that makes Crunch-Kats!
Dean: Whats that?
Ryan: A chocolate Wafer Bar
Dean: Are you f-cking serious? That's an off-brand!
by HiGuyzItzMeh January 8, 2021
A plane is an object that has a tank, rubber made nitro-flated gear, wings, a nose, a tail, a fin T or miniwing in the centered, and engines. These engines can be on wing or on nose or even on the tail if they are mounted onto a small plane making the fin a T. Bigger planes except for CRJ200 to CRJ1000-XR900 (anywhere between the excluded gens)have their engines on the wing. The plane has four major forces. Drag is mostly caused by the gears. It can even be caused by what holds the top mount wing on the Cessna 172 (If you have been trained this plane sounds familiar) or maybe even the gears. The gears are causing the weight force which I’m gonna get to right now. The plane’s weight? Yes, you were right! And the thrust. No not my graphic ones, the plane(not a dick) thrust. This is from our wings causing the air to go around them instead of pushing (more like pulling from gravity) down. Lift is generated from the exhaust and condense of the engines if they are on wings. Otherwise that force is created by your elevator which happens to be on wing engine too. On planes if you are trying to give the plane a push back by rev on your throttle, for example the Embraer 140 can do this, the engines open for push and exhaust. Hope you had fun learning!
Pfew! A lot of explanation🥵
This is gunna fill up for today
See you in another guys
The Wright flyer wasnt a plane, it was just a flyer for how they named it
Takeoff from Kitty Hawk,NC on December 17,1903
by HiGuyzItzMeh November 24, 2019