In 2 days...can also be used with any other number in front. i.e. 3 down, 7 down.
Mike: Yo, what are you doing 2 down?
Tim: Going to Virginia, but I'll be back in 7.
by Katii August 7, 2007
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2 fingers up makes a V 2 fingers down makes an A
the word form of the sign for Virginia
You already know I'm from that 2 up 2 down.
by Jasmyne June 5, 2006
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2 fingers down means you like to have sexual intercourse with small animals. Preferably smaller ones like goldfish and wiener dogs because there assholes are tighter and grip your cock a lot better.
Ava D. put 2 fingers down after she was finished with her cat.
by William Surt March 29, 2022
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I shouldn't of eaten that burrito, now i need to go 2 logs down
by Don Faith June 4, 2006
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A dance one does when Rockefeller Street comes on where both arms go in a diagonal direction upwards, then on the other side, back to the other side but do it twice, then back to the other side, and repeat. This dance originated from 2 kids doing this dance to this song.
1 2 7 3, down the Rockefeller street
by Halosurfer21 November 27, 2018
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And people who are basically pseudo-politicians.

Hym “Any-who, where was I? Oh right, politicians are basically retards and we live in dystopia. Yeah, so... you got more people to work hard... how many of those people are ‘living lives of quiet desperation’ and how far past the first bottleneck did they make it? The next hierarchical bottleneck? One of them made a widget or a do-dad that ensures a retirement at a time of their choosing... their fuck trophies take the extra special fuck trophy path in life and don’t have to do the thing they expect me to do... and we haven’t found a better way, right? Let me ask you something.... If I found a better way, would you allow me to implement it? I mean, you won’t even let me take credit for the contents of my own mind. So no. I would have to kill you all. Just like my current situation.... you would need me to kill you all... and then you could say ‘See!? See!? Look how many people that system kills!!! Our thing was so much better because instead of violence we use subterfuge and emotional abuse (literal emotional abuse, ha!)!’ I don’t see how that doesn’t just make as the slave with one hundred masters... which is why YouTubers all sell ‘hard work.’ Work hard.... so you can afford to add a new master. You get to choose!
Politicians part 2: Breaking Down

It’s not real-slavery is you get to choice your master... and you have several... how many can you afford? Work harder so you can add a few more. Don’t share your Netflix password. That’s allowing people to avoid the slavery... Don’t watch the piracy of my movie... that I copy-and-pasted from urban dictionary.... buy my book... where I nitpick information from the books that I’ve read and/or sell my molested clients stories! Hey guys! Where was Christian God while that guys butthole was getting fucked? Where was he? Do you know? Do you have a guess? Something to muse on... I mean, if the creature was watching then it’s a pedophile.... You know that right? It’s likely that it exists outside of time and I’ve already killed it. Which is neat. But that means I can’t rewind time and fuck the whore instead of the retard (news guy... that’s not how time works).... Hmmm.... Hey! Maybe Nietzsche had a near death experience! I WILL probably end up talking to him after I kill the creature... 🤔 That would make sense. This was a long one. I’ll come back to it.”
by Hym Iam November 1, 2022
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