14 definitions by Herb

During a greasy sex session, Bobby gets on his cell phone and farts very loud. It smells like rotten eggs. Then he chops her head off, steals her money, and shouts, "Vito Corlione!" He proceeds to masturbate in the corner.
She was pissin me off so bad that I surprised her with a dirty bobby corley.
by Herb February 24, 2005
Home of the "KING OF MONTANA"..Yes the town sucks but there are kool peeps there.
"HEY ! King of Montana who hangs out on Livve.com resides in GREAT FALLS."
by Herb October 23, 2003
Late 80's early 90's rockers with ripped jeans and a balding mullet that they just can't let go of. They are often seen riding there bicycle's to the beer store to return there empty's and pick up a 6 pack of there favorite beverage (12-24 when they group together). Also called an Uncle, Unc, Uncle Zeean, or "What the fuck was that"
"Let's rock Egor with the car door"
by Herb February 19, 2005
A numerical representation of the expression 'I love you' where each of the three numbers represents the amount of letters in each of the words.

Used by couples with pagers as a code to constantly remind one another that they still are affectionate. (More commonly used before the wide spread availability of text-messaging cell phones)
My girl sent 143 to my beeper a thousand times yesterday - she really loves me.
by Herb May 11, 2005
Kyute, hat-wearing PSO character class which, for some INCREDIBLY annoying reason, die less then my high-level HUnewearl.
Kaichi, small, cute and annoying fast.
by Herb July 16, 2004
An angry sanchez when preformed by someone named Steeve.
Damn I got dirty manchezed last night!! It was fuckn awsome!!!
by Herb April 22, 2004
Lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity; a person who is not very bright. Usually used as a nicer way of calling someone stupid (i.e. someone you like and you're mostly kidding around).
You doug! Why did you change the channel when the Leafs are on!
by Herb July 19, 2006