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noun., A red beer is similar to a michelada (or 'chelada) but not as fancy. Simply mix up one part light lager or IPA to one part V8 vegetable juice (the "Spicy" variety if you're feeling adventurous") and sock it down -- the colder it is, the better it works as a "hair of the dog" hangover remedy.
Jerry: "Fuck, dude, too much rye last night. Build me a red beer, will ya?"

Jake: "Yeah, I hear ya, I'll make two."
by Hellzapoppin' April 29, 2018
Term used between effeminate homosexual men to refer to one another.
Ehw muggawd, gimme that shirt, betch.

No way! Go to Hot Topic and get yer own, betch!
by Hellzapoppin' July 11, 2017
v. to defecate with violent intensity

n. the result of defecating with violent intensity

a. resembling the result of violent defecation

Pewp is a more intense version of poop, with the change in spelling meant to suggest violence (i.e. "Pew-pew-pew!", as if feces is being launched from, rather than squeezed out of, the anus.)
Pull over at the next rest stop, man! I gotta pewp so hard I'm liable to shatter a toilet bowl!
by Hellzapoppin' April 11, 2017
Rural slang for an adult entertainment venue.
Jimmy Ray: "Hey, Bobby Joe, what you got planned Saturday night?"

Bobby Joe: "Aw, nuthin', Jimmy Ray. Might roll on over to the chicken coop and watch me some swangin' titties."
by Hellzapoppin' September 5, 2017
Alternative name for the pingush!, generally used as a euphemism between or around religious or just old fashioned folks to prevent them from getting outraged.
"Get over here, Maggie, Oy wants ta stuff me padoodinum inta yer fanungulator!"
by Hellzapoppin' November 27, 2018
Verb describing when a television network buys a high-concept (science fiction, fantasy, or horror) TV series, lets it run long enough to attract fans, then cancels it, especially in such a way that the final episode of the show is a cliffhanger.
Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Lucifer were all awesome shows. Too bad they all got Foxed. Family Guy actually got Foxed *twice*, but survived.
by Hellzapoppin' May 26, 2018
An abbreviation of the Latin phrase, "For Shegro, My Negro."

Although modern linguists are unclear on the definition of the word 'Shegro', it is widely believed that it is related to the worship of the Roman Goddess Goddamnatsonehugebitchia. Certain daily activities were thought to cause the goddess to increase further in size; therefore, these activities were conducted 'for shegro.'
"Yo, you wanna go to the liquor store for a fifth of cat piss?"
"Fo' shizzle my nizzle!"

(Or, from the ancient Latin)

"Come hither, O Dumbassitus Putridus! Let us away to the market of bottled lusciousness!"
"For shegro, my negro!"
by Hellzapoppin' August 4, 2015