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Big-name New Orleans Rap artist. Brother to Master P and Sillk the Shocker.
by Hassell April 14, 2005
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A man who was trying to make it with a moniker that would catch people's attention but it caught the wrong attention and landed him life behind bars. FREE C_MURDER
C-Murder is very misunderstood because of his name.
by SouthEgagirl October 08, 2003
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The hardest rapper to ever come out of the south him and his brothers silkk and master p...They hustled by selling cd's out their trunk then moved up to slanging crack and they used the money for studio time to make cd's and sell those out the trunk until they eventually got enough money to create no limit soldier one in the rap industry talk about grindin and hustlin but have never grinded and hustled like these 3 brothers...Still a No Limit Soldier!!!!
sayin c-murder selling keys overseas nigga please
by 3rd bread August 24, 2006
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