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Declaration of this magic phrase upon observing a Volkwaggon Bettle before its being voiced by one's accompaning passenger in a vechile entitles a person to a warrented, fully justified, and unretaliatable jab in the arm of the accompaning passenger. This rule supersedes all existing laws on assault in all jurisdictions within the continental United States, Canada, and some participating regions of Mexico not under the control of the drug cartels.
A souped-up VW Bug sailed into view and so Sally yelled, "Punch Buggy!" and pursuant to the universal Punch Buggy Law immediately laid a blow to Johnny's arm.
by Harmless Drudge November 13, 2011
Any joke considered harsh or as dark humor.
This is a rough joke:

A pedophile walks through the woods with a child. The child says, “These woods are scary.” The pedophile says, “Tell me about it. I have to walk back through here alone.”

from Tina Fey's Bossypants
by Harmless Drudge May 11, 2011
To be unfunctionally overwhelmed but to attempt nonetheless to carry on as if everything is normal and to react to the stress of the situation with the listlessness of someone trapped in a vegitative state.

A word coined by Tina Fey in Bossypants.
I was totally blorft when I met Tina Fey.
by Harmless Drudge May 11, 2011
(noun) The act of inserting a finger within one of the opening (naris) of one's nose with the apparent intent of removing mucus (otherwise known as picking one's nose) esp. when done in public.

A term derived from an episode of Seinfeld.
OMG, do you see what Jerry is doing in that Taxi cab? He seems to be picking his nose.

Maybe, or he's just scraching his nose since I didn't see any nostril penetration.
by Harmless Drudge May 15, 2011
Of, relating to, a person who lacks a brain or the ability to use their brain.
"What I'm about to say to you is going to sound stupid, illogical, moronic, asinine, disenbrained."
-Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (April 07, 2011)
by Harmless Drudge April 12, 2011
die·lar·i·ty /dī-la-ritē/ noun. - laughter intermixed with sadness caused by morbid occurances. The unease and convulsions of laughter related to the demise of a close relative or friend.
Now I started having a private moment of dielarity, laughing and crying softly (so it looked like crying) as I remembered sitting with Dad a few years back in the TV room at Club Meds.

from Lizz Winstead's Lizz Free or Die: Essays
by Harmless Drudge February 24, 2013