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Lizz is the bestest friend anyone could ask for. A little weird at times but in a good way. She is always there for those she cares about, and is great fun to be around. She is beautiful inside and out, and is extremely smart. She's a lovely person, never let her go.
Lizz is the best friend anyone could ask for. I love her loads
by Bubblegum99 April 04, 2017
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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A sweet girl that can't understand how amazing she is. So nice and giving, too good for anyone to deserve. She is smart, funny, beautiful, and a very awkward turtle. She has a passion for movies and music. She is the most interesting little lady that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.
Nice, short, and pretty. Her name must be Lizz.
by Generic name 123 February 07, 2013
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Liza she is the caring, loving , beautiful, and sweet, Liz is a funny person who cares about people, she probably loves to dance and have fun, she loves to be around her friends and family, but sometimes she can be a bitch, lizz can be a savage sometimes, but one thing for sure boys love her, boys probably try to get her to be their girlfriend but lizz's won't stand for it they want a person to love for the rest of their lives if you are a player don't try to get with her because she will not want you, if you do ask a lizz to be your girlfriend you have to have some trates she is looking for she is a wonderful girl.
Lizz loves to dance and have fun she will be an a amazing person to love.
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by Daylan collins August 29, 2017
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the finest hot ass you will ever see. usually has killer jet black hair. usually is a democrat, and loves taco bell. they are amazing at everything they do. they usually have bangin' bodies and they love to hate on people.
"Dayumm, look at that fine piece of ass! Her name must be Lizz!"
by cunttffaceddwwhore October 24, 2008
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a bad ass BITCH she’s smart an beautiful great personality not shy at all 😏 but most importantly she’s the loyalest person you could ever come across an she lives in ohio if you ever wanna find her 👀 but she’s mean also got hands fr so you should watch out 😌
oh my gosh is that lizz 😱
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by dread head frm columbus August 28, 2020
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a sex god. the hottest lesbian. she basically so daddy that she has replaced my parents and now i call them sylwia and graham. literally the best nude provider. she’s loving and caring as fuck and she takes the best care of whoever the FUCK she’s dating which has got to be the most amazing person ever because guess what THATS WHAT LIZZ DESERVES, MAN. so hot, that her instagram @ is literally just @lizz cause she is a god. also nice ass and fine ass body. so fine.
“oh my god bro what is that fucking light man “
it’s just lizz bro, she’s a fucking god
by i fuckin love lizz November 21, 2017
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