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A way of saying "Suck my dick" that actually sounds cooler than saying "Suck my dick". Also the name of one of the racehorses on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
This punk ass can duck my sick!
by Hand Hanzo May 17, 2005

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1:The father of all crystal-screen handheld games. Despite being 2-dimensional, Mr. Game & Watch is one hell of a pimp.
2:The 2-dimensional pimp of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Also a way to keep the earth from running out of oil, by taking enemy projectiles and making oil out of them. Carries a mega-arsenal of weapons, and an unlimited supply of sausage.
Watch out! Here come Mr. Game & Watch and his hoes! Fo' shizzle!
by Hand Hanzo January 22, 2005

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A flood of furry hentai that occurs every Friday on the random (/b/) section of 4chan. Of course, now with the word filter, one is unable to say the phrase "furry friday" in /b/. (If you try to type 'furry', it is replaced with the word drama) Many users contribute to furry friday throughout multiple threads. Usually, one furry thread on furry friday will be followed up with 30 or so text replies and 15 or so furry pics.
If you don't like furry (I sure as hell do), don't go to 4chan's /b/ on furry friday.
by Hand Hanzo June 10, 2005

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Multitalented musical legends. They have done disco, rock & roll, and probably a few other genres as well. About 25 years later, the songs "Dancing Queen", "Fernando" and "Mamma-Mia" are still heard just about everywhere, but those aren't near their best songs. You hear one of those 3 disco songs, and don't expect them to do rock & roll, right? Well then you're WRONG, because they made rock songs like "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)", "Money, Money, Money", and "Summer Night City"...listen to one of those. Bang your head and thrash around as necessary. Then listen to their pop and disco stuff and get a different vibe. See? See how legendary they are? Most of their songs are amazing, and enjoyable by just about everyone, whether you're an adult who grew up listening to it, a teenager whose parents listened to it growing up, whatever. The power of ABBA touches all.
I listen to ABBA while I play my Sonic games. I listen to ABBA while I play Super Monkey Ball 2. I prefer to listen to ABBA when I'm kicking somebody's hind parts, whether it's in a video game or not. ABBA is great rollerskating music as well. ABBA enhances all performance.
by Hand Hanzo April 03, 2005

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Literally: Read Only Memory.
ROMs are games that you can use on downloaded emulators. These games are usually licensed. A lot of good ROMs (unpopular games, games exclusively released in Japan) can be quite hard to find, knowing how most sites give you a ton of bullshit and forced voting, but no ROMs. Emulation and ROMs are the only way I have access to great Japanese SNES games such as Super Wrestle Angels, YuuYuu Hakusho Tokubetuhen, Sanrio World Smash Ball!, and Super Puyo Puyo 2 Remix.
I opened my Snes9x, opened the Super Wrestle Angels ROM, and began to play.
by Hand Hanzo May 02, 2005

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A wonderful device that lets you play the video games you grew up with. Examples include ZSNES (best SNES emulator ever), GENS (Best Genesis emulator ever), and Mekaw (Best Game Gear/SMS emulator ever). The game images (ROMS as they're called) are downloaded separately. The emulator reads the ROM file, and activates it. Most emulators have graphic and audio options, for example you can interpolate the screen graphics or toggle between stereo on monaural sound settings. You can also map the control settings and use gaming add-ons, to try to make it feel more like the console your emulator imitates.
I use Snes9x at school every day.
by Hand Hanzo May 02, 2005

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A 24-ounce lemon-lime flavored energy drink made by The Love Factor, Inc. and gives you one hell of a buzz. Also comes in Wild Berry flavor, which tastes like Pepsi Blue. Costs $3, and is available at 7-Eleven.
BooKoo is my energy drink of choice. I drink it all the time.
by Hand Hanzo January 15, 2005

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