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Mad as hell, to the point of true insanity, losing your mind. To 'go orochi' is a couple degrees above 'snapping'. Named after how in King Of Fighters, various characters would be sometimes consumed by the power of Orochi within them, which made them more powerful and more aggressive.
DAMN! 12 people killed, 20 injured, and the dude didn't even have a weapon! That kid went orochi!
by Hand Hanzo August 05, 2005
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also called "Yamata no Orochi" and "Hachibi-no-Hibi"

a badass 8-headed-8-tailed snake that pwned everything in the story "The Galliant Jaraiya" untill he is killed by Jaraiya...

How the hell would I give an example for this?! ///_o'
by Jabir ibn Aflah August 26, 2008
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Orochi is the legendary 8-headed snake from japanese folklore. A beast similar to Tiamat.

Also, he is a protagonist in Koei's Musou/Warriors Orochi franchise: Created a warped world and trapped warlords from the three kingdoms of ancient china dynasty warriors/ sangoku musou and the warring states of japan samurai warriors/sengoku musou with the help of Da Ji, a supernatural anthropomorphic fox based on the concubine of King Zhou of the Shang dynasty.

Orochi is also a villain in the King of Fighters series - this time orochi is an evil force sealed by the Yagami and the Kusanagi clans 1800 years prior to the events in the game King of Fighters '97. He reappears at the neo-geo crossover game Neogeo battle coliseum" under the name of Mizuchi, a clone of the original Orochi made by WAREZ, a fictional corporation which is leading a tournament to take over Neogeo world.
"Entropy will always triumph." - Orochi in his Musou/Warriors series.

"Let us return to nothingness." - Orochi in the KOF/NGBC games.
by Hexamethylene November 23, 2009
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