7 definitions by Hammysam

A Cody is usually kind hearted and sensitive person. He may be hurt easily or overreact when it comes to arguments. At times he can be hot-headed but he’ll usually apologize when he knows he’s in the wrong. A Cody usually wont pick sides and will hear everyone out. He is a Jesus believer and he believes in making peace throughout a friend group. His favorite things involve playing Minecraft and helping his peers. He tends to have dark hair and be on the shorter side. He probably wears glasses but he’s a beautiful soul.
Friend group: *having a fight or an issue*
Cody: tell me what the problem is, I want to help fix this.
by Hammysam December 29, 2019
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A Carman is an amazing friend. She will always be there when she is needed and will do anything to make her peers accept her. A Carman will usually have hair on the shorter side. It’s a beautiful brown with greenish eyes. Everyone instantly is attracted to her carefree nature. She’s usually on the shorter side but that’s what makes her so adorable. Her laugh is contagious and so is her way of words because she tends to make up a lot of them.
Girl #1: I wish I knew how to play this game

Carman: don’t worry! I can help you learn this swanky game
by Hammysam December 29, 2019
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An Abi is super sweet and kindhearted person. She is always hitting her friends in playful ways and then getting hit back. She tends to seem quiet, but with friends she’s a whole different person. An Abi is usually a perfect tanned color with very long, dark hair. She is on the shorter side and usually has glasses. She’s funny and generous but when she’s mad she’s a force you shouldn’t recon with.
Friend: I’m really lonely right now..

Abi: it’s okay! I’m here for you!
by Hammysam December 29, 2019
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Elijah’s are usually very smart and full of information. They can be very helpful but may not share information with others. An Elijah usually has glasses and dark hair. His eyes may be brown/hazel and he has a monotone voice. He has a sweet side to him but rarely shows it due to trust issues. When an Elijah (Eli) is in a friend group he is the one who plans things out and is the leader.
Girl: I don’t really understand how to do the math homework

Elijah: I would help but I don’t want to
by Hammysam December 29, 2019
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Jaylon is a very unique character. She may have something fun about her like freckles or glasses. Her hair is a very pretty brown(or dyed a color) and probably long. She has good music taste and a very feisty attitude. She’s more known for getting angry at small things than anything else. She’s fun to be around for a bit, but stick around too long and she might end up yelling at you. She’s funny and energetic and probably plays an instrument. Jaylon’s may have had a rough past so they may take it out on others without realizing. If you meet a Jaylon just make sure to stay on her good side
Person#1: is that a Jaylon??

Person#2: yeah be careful I heard she’s kinda crazy
by Hammysam July 21, 2021
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An Evette is a person who is hard to figure out. She’ll smile bright and laugh all the time but it’s hard to tell how she’s really feeling. She laughs at everything even her own mistakes. She is crazy in public and even crazier with her friends. She’s chased by guys because of her banging body. Her style is better than anyone’s you’ll ever see. She usually has curly hair and dark mysterious eyes. She most likely has glasses and an hourglass body. An Evette is easy to upset and will always keep the first impression in mind. An Evette will act dumb for the comedic factor but she is quite intelligent if she tries. She may forgive but she’ll never forget.
Boy: did you see that girl? She’s low key really hot.

Boy #2: must be an Evette. careful man, she’s confusing.

Evette: *smiles and runs away with friends*
by Hammysam December 29, 2019
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Zach was born to be a leader. He has nice blonde/brown hair and blue eyes. He’s always willing to help and is a very understanding individual. They tend to be gifted in math/science. He’s very intelligent and has a charming smile. Zach’s can often cause others to be jealous or upset by his nature because of his leadership skills. They have dad humor and are about average height. Zach’s can be great companions so if you meet one try and become their friend! You won’t regret it.
Person#1: ugh I really don’t understand this

Zach: don’t worry! I’m here to help!
by Hammysam July 21, 2021
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