An amazing girl that will never let you down, she’s beautiful, smart, funny, caring and an overall wonderful person, if you’re lucky enough to be her friend then you’ve already won at life, never take her friendship or love for granted Becca people like carman come once in a life time
by Nicole L June 04, 2018
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Possibly the greatest solo artist in music history. Revered by divorced, middle-aged women and home-schoolers everywhere.
That was the raddest Carman concert ever.

"Did you know Carman travels with his own personal tanning bed?" "No, THAT'S AWESOME!"
by J-Sheezy August 27, 2006
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A Carman is an amazing friend. She will always be there when she is needed and will do anything to make her peers accept her. A Carman will usually have hair on the shorter side. It’s a beautiful brown with greenish eyes. Everyone instantly is attracted to her carefree nature. She’s usually on the shorter side but that’s what makes her so adorable. Her laugh is contagious and so is her way of words because she tends to make up a lot of them.
Girl #1: I wish I knew how to play this game

Carman: don’t worry! I can help you learn this swanky game
by Hammysam December 29, 2019
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The Spreading of the legs out the window of a very close to gether housing complex giving the neibors a shock.
Last night i was reading and when i looked out the window logan was giving me the Chody Carman.
by It'skindalikeacheesewheel April 06, 2009
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freshman at Columbia University who, on many weekends, passes out in and rides the elevator up and down as it "coasts" through the floors of carman hall.
"hey man, didja see that girl passed out in her own vomit?"

"ya, a total carman coaster."
by carman8 November 03, 2009
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A high school located in Flint, Michigan. A cesspool of thots and of white people who think that since they go to a primarily black school they that they can say the N-Word
Aye man you can’t say that word

Nah it’s okay. I go to Carman-Ainsworth High School
by aye watch this shit November 17, 2019
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Hilarious stand up comedian who eats too much pizza.
Is that a Carman?

I dunno, is he telling jokes and eating pizza?


Then yeah, prolly.
by Spacemanbyff February 21, 2018
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