What is the matter?; Do we have a problem here?; Made famous by Martin Lawrence
Jermaine already paid you you're money, so what the problem is?
by Stainz June 25, 2004
what happened how can i help you out of your ethical quagmire
yo why u walkin, what the problem is?
by lil homie 1011 January 30, 2005
An absolutely hilarious interrogative question directed to any person when asking "What is the problem?"
I don't go to schoo anymo' what the problem is?!!?!??
by Not Zane September 17, 2004
Used to suggest a problem in another's mental state. This is a response to an unprovoked statement or inappropriate action. Can also be used in third person.
"What's up Eric?"
"Fuck off Gil, next time I see you I'm gonna beat your ass and give you an Abe Lincoln"
"What's your problem man?"

(Gina finds her brother masturbating on her bed in the nude)
"You couldn't walk down the hall to do that Phil?!?! What's your problem?!?!?"

"Yo Jennifer always flips out every time I try space docking"
"What's her problem?"
by tripleski6 June 15, 2011
What's your problem idiot?

Life is an endless abyss with no purpose... We are all born to slave away for nothing and then we die in complete agoney forever

Listen here Bob

There is a robot destroying the crap cit- *laughs*

There is a robot destroying the crap city.

by Sebby294 May 8, 2021
Guy playing Counter Strike Global Offensive: Green Whats Your Problem?
Guy playing Counter Strike Global Offensive: Smashing his gaming setup*
by Xkjurqierolv August 23, 2022
Making sure you got what you need without a concern for others, especially if you are the boss.
Leeza got a nice big ice cream cone in front of the troops working hard digging her shelter. When the troopers looked at her, she scoffed "I got mine, what's your problem?"
by Jack Vice April 14, 2009