A feeling of sickness or dizziness.
I ate a 2 week old sandwich and it made me woogy, so later I went ahead and threw it up.
by jpod001 June 5, 2007
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Referring to something using a sexual undertone or inuendo
Look at her.... Woogie Woogie. Oh really the old Woogie Woogie
by Bondibadass July 27, 2017
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When a designated person is assigned to "woogie woogie" someone at a social event who acts like they are too good to be there. That person walks up to the other person, gets in their face and says "woogie woogie woogie" and walks away.
by Mario_R September 21, 2007
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A greeting to be used on the telephone in place of hello, probably similar to "mushi mushi" used by the japanese.
by M Stengler December 20, 2006
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Being cool by doing good deeds. Not being afraid to do good things.

Thats real woogi, man

That dude's a real Woogi

That kid's gettin woogi
by macleod1107 April 16, 2008
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Person 1: Hey can i borrow a woogie?
Person 2: Sure girl *gives woogie*
Person 1: Thanks
by cookiechip13 July 25, 2014
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woogie - (noun)

Any lovable, cute, usually furry, animal with round cheeks that doesn't usually kill other woogies to eat them as food. Examples include squirrels, otters, chipmunks, prairie dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits.

woogy - (adjective) - Having the characteristics of a woogie.
The seal is somewhat woogy in appearance, so some people may call it a woogie.
by cosmicsquirrelee December 27, 2018
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