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A hot scottish girl. She is the most badass girl you'll ever meet. The best! Kiss Ass! Juan thinks she's the best. So she is.
that girl over there is rather Eilidh. She makes me go crazy! She has a nice rack and butt.

A hot girl in Bangladesh is very Eilidh.
by TheBestColombianDude October 07, 2009
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A very very very very hyper person. Happy and kind, the opposite of mean. She'll be your best friend but will also backhand you if you get on your nerves. Is also described as peng.
Person 1: Mate, did you see that girl?
Person 2: Judging by the way she was jumping about, giving to charity and being peng, backhanding everyone who is mean to her... i'd say shes Eilidh.
by kevin2134 February 22, 2009
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A skinny girl with a killer personality and a gorgeous smile.if a man is so lucky to have the opportunity, hed grace her presence at every moment. A good friend that is always there when needed. Best advice hands down. Always up for a night on the town! An adventure at hand, wild with a tan. Intelligent, responsible and ready for anything.
tyra banks would so put eilidh on TV
by gooseberryxoxox February 05, 2010
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A domestic goddess. A woman with spectacular domestic skills and whose cooking abilities surpass those of an average housewife. Their organisational skills are impeccable and they make it their lives work to perfect their hoovering and dusting techniques. Despite living such busy lives they still manage to stay looking sexy. Ultimately, they are superior to any 'super-mum'.
Wife: I'm just doing the washing up

Husband: Oh, you are such an Eilidh
by sparkienorval August 15, 2011
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Eilidh is the one girl who always has your back. Happy, gorgeous and talented, never failing to spread smiles. Up for a laugh, brave and daring. A girl with dreams and courage. Willing to work hard to achieve whatever she wants. Eilidh always has a friend by her side, because she is so kind. Popular, honest, beautiful and a strong leader
Jennifer: Eilidh, would you be my partner??
Eilidh: Well I was with Kate, but come join us to make a three!
Kate: But...
Eilidh: No no no it's fine
Jennifer: Thank you Eilidh, sorry Kate
by SweetiePiePig January 16, 2017
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