21 definitions by Greatest ppl champ

A good conversationlist he can go on and on . He's really awesome everybody wants to talk with him. His speech and ways of talking is exceptional compared to others.
We love talking with giovanni he's really awesome.
He's a smooth actor

With a sexy voice.
by Greatest ppl champ July 02, 2018
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A racist baster who dies about stupid racism. The color of your skin is not success or coming from a certain group .
Donald Trump and his people makes racism so big of a deal .

Weirdo needs special help their.
by Greatest ppl champ June 18, 2018
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Weak people in general who cries about everything . They have no skills in what so ever so boring. Always trying to get by like they life is more important .Its people in worse shape than you weak people seriously.
Person 1 why Hispanics so weak .
Person 2 idk dont feel sorry for them.
Person 3 yea let them find themselves around .
Person 4 thats not a good idea you know them people get lost in the sauce .
by Greatest ppl champ June 14, 2018
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