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How an idiot describes the act of being tased because he sucks at English.
Mark: "Wow! That thug got tasered really bad!"
Carter: "Tasered? It's tased, Mark."
Mark: "I've heard it both ways."
by Greasegrim March 11, 2016

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Someone you haven't seen in a very long period of time.
"Santos! I haven't seen you in FOREVER! How are you? How's the family? How's the sister? How's the synagogue?"
by Greasegrim April 16, 2017

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To express how large something is, especially to a teacher.
Andrew: Teacher, so what would happen if a massive volcano erupted?

Teacher: I don't know, people would die?
by Greasegrim May 27, 2016

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A girl who, while quarantining because of COVID-19 related reasons, messages men on social media in hopes of getting attention, food deliveries, etc. She will entice her victim with hopes of possible romance when her quarantine period is over, only to never be heard from again.
Person A: This poor girl I've been talking to has Corona and is stuck in her room! Should I order her some food to help cheer her up?
Persom B: Be careful. I think she may be a Corona Floozy trying to use you.

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To shit shortly after showering or bathing, thus re-dirtying ones ass and making the ass cleaning you did in the shower be in vain.
I just took a shower and now I have to poop! I hate it when I get blugg.
by Greasegrim April 21, 2020

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