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Dayana Mendoza is the 5th venezuelan girls who wins the tittle of Miss Universe, she is a fine example of venezuelan womans, dark skin, beautiful eyes, amazing body, smart, fresh and amazing. Guys wants her, and some girls feel envy of her.
Most of the colombians hate her.
Gano Dayana Mendoza el Miss Universo

I wish my girlfriend look like Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza is so hot.
by Goyo July 22, 2008

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The kind of workplace you leave as soon as you've saved enough fuck you money. No two weeks notice. Just leave and never show up again.
I left my lunch in a locked cabinet before I quit that sorry excuse for a company. It's such a toxic workplace, they won't even notice the smell. It'll just blend in with the rest of their bullshit.
by goyo August 14, 2016

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The rule that most women desire men with these three qualities:
- 6 feet tall
- 6 figure income
- 6 pack abs

One, two, or all three 6s make it progressively easier for a man to frequently attract and keep the company of women. Lacking all three will make it sufficiently difficult for a man to attract women.
Jane: Does he pass rule 666?

Amy: Of course, but there's so much more to him.

Jane: Like what?

Amy: I mean, he's funny and like smart.

Jane: Whatever.
by goyo May 09, 2017

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How the appearance of a pussy gives pleasure through beauty; pussy that is of pleasing appearance. Can often be enhanced with plastic surgery, lighting, makeup, etc.
Did you see that well-defined camel toe! It had such amazing pussthetic appeal!
by goyo July 11, 2016

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The girl one of your male friends claims to have had sex with after being separated from the rest of your group (boys, crew, etc.) for all or the majority of a weekend night. The rest of your group has no way of ascertaining any information about whether your friend actually lost his virginity or who the girl is. She lives in a big city or goes to a huge university, has a generic first name, no memorable last name, no phone number, and no identifiable social media.
Crew-member A: John keeps going on about hooking-up with his ivaginary friend.
Crew-member B: Yeah, how long do you think it'll be before he actually gets laid?
Crew-member A: With his game, that's the best he'll do for a while.
by goyo May 20, 2016

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Someone with brown/brunette hair.
Formed as a counter to the racist term shitskin to remind neo-nazi types that all kinds of people have brown features.
Racist guy: Go back to Africa, you shitskin!

Black guy: Take a look in the mirror, shithair.
by goyo December 19, 2017

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When you see something exotic about how unattractive a chick is and want to smash despite the ugliness because her appearance is so different from the basic bitches and dimes.
Andrew: Do not fuck genes? Nah, man she's an ugly girl smash.
James: Dude, I can't be seen with you if you hit that.
by goyo August 30, 2017

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