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A website for you to 'broadcast yourself.' Users can upload videos of practically anything that can be voted or commented on by other users.
Youtube hosts some awesome fight videos!
by Godknown March 25, 2006

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To play the "UUUEEGGHH?!?!" sound from Home Improvement and it's intro on any sounding device, including word from mouth. You should mainly do the Tim Allen anywhere but nowhere.
All forms of the Tim Allen include:
or a high-pitched "EEE!"
If another person knows what the Tim Allen is, or if you want to know if they know what the Tim Allen is, then make the sound--nice and loud--near them. The Tim Allen is usually responded to using another Tim Allen, which if everyone knows what it is, it basically becomes a chain reaction of Tim Allen's.
Things you can also use the Tim Allen for:
Answering questions
Asking a question
Covering for a bad joke
Responding to a bad joke
Covering for absurdity
Responding to absurdity
Responding to something humorous
Responding to anything
After saying something gross
After saying something weird
After saying something stupid
After saying something smart
After saying nothing at all
Attracting other women/men
Attracting other Tim Allen'ers
Attracting flying spaghetti monsters
Be careful, because this may cause absolute confusion. The good thing is, it never gets old.
Jake: Yo, what's up man?
Johnny: UUUEEGGHH?!?!
Jake: ... what?
Johnny: Tim Allen...
Jake: ...
Johnny: UUUEEGGHH?!?!
Tommy: UUUEEGGHH?!?!
Jake: >=
Johnny: So how's your boyfriend doing?
Jake: What the f--
by Godknown April 19, 2007

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A message indicating that a user from a network has left/exited.

What you don't want to see when you are talking to your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Tom: hey babe
Tom: you there?!
Tom: hellloooooooo?!!?
Tom: ARE YOU STILL THERE?!?!?!?!?!
\Tina has signed off.
\The message has not been sent because the recipient is currently unavailable.

by Godknown March 25, 2006

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Short for 'pictures please' and has been used on many websites, instant messages, and forums. Kthxbye.
Mario: did u c dat wun gurl hu took hur shurt of in public???
Mana: pictures plz
Mario: -ftp(C:\seanconnery_naked.jpg
initiate file session?
Mana: -y
recieving file
file recieved
Mana: kthxbye!
file session closed
signed off
by Godknown March 25, 2006

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Iizzle is the biblical term for izzle.
You were probably bored when you searched for this.

I need to say iizzle before I can move onto the next page.
by Godknown April 25, 2007

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A message indicating that a user from a network has joined/returned.

Something you really want to see when it is next to your girlfriend's/boyfriend's screen name.
\Tina signed on
Tom: welcome back!!!!
Tina: hu iz dis?
Tom: it's your boy!!!
Tina: rite......
\Tina is away
Tom: ****
by Godknown March 25, 2006

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Shobbs basically means younger brother.
"Yo, sup shobbs. Want to go to lunch?"
by Godknown April 26, 2007

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