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taking a shit on the floor as u receive head from a really fat disgusting girl
"I just had the ill smashing blumpkin last nite with that huge bitch"
by Goats February 23, 2005
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to lose,get owned,or get goated on. usually makes your A hole bigger.
Dom got F'ed in the A by the cig-head next door.
by Goats November 6, 2004
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Name used to describe someone who enjoys bathing in their own filth. These people have the ultimate "I don't care" attitude. They have very greasy hair and oily face. The word "hygiene" appears unfamiliar to them. They often have very few teeth by the age of 30 or sometimes no teeth at all. Not to mention, their body odor is powerful enough to make you go blind.

Synonym for Rapasse.
I'm going to Walmart today and will probably encounter a Rat de swamp.

The city bus was filled with Rats de swamps last night.

I haven't showered all weekend and I feel and look like a Rat de swamp.
by Goats February 13, 2017
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a moustache that begins under your nose(like every other moustache)and curves downward beside your lips. moustaches are cool, but this on takes it to the extreme.
I woke up one day and the artist formally known as Zoe had a handlebar moustache.
by Goats November 6, 2004
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noun- one who mooches cigs(cigarettes)from their neighbor.
verb- to take cigs from one's neighbor.
Dude,your neighbor is a cig-head.
On my way over here, I saw your neigbor cig-head your mother.
by Goats October 31, 2004
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Bin orginally was a code word for "bitch" but evolved into something much bigger. It can now mean slut, shit, fuck, damn, cunt, scapegoat, or simply cocksucker. It's use is an artform.
Goat: Hey Binny, watch the napkin.. watch the napkin.. are you watching?
Bin: Yes
Goat:Where'd the napkin go?
Bin: It's right there, douche.
Goat: I have no pants on.. ahahaha, you're a Bin.
by Goats October 31, 2004
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Name used to represent a suspected pedophile relative. Likes to roam around children hot spots such as parks, elementary schoolyards, McDonald's play place and is often intoxicated. He is a creepy old man in his 50's and often questioned if he is actually part of the family. Is good friends with Uncle Gregory.
My mom told me to stay away from Uncle George for this family gathering.

Uncle George was spotted in his big white van, he was wearing a long beige trench coat.

Uncle George offered me to stay with him for the weekend, he wanted me to sleep in his bed but my parents filed a lawsuit.

Hi I'm lost. Have you seen my Uncle George?
by Goats February 13, 2017
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