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Name of a smart funny bright girl with a large attitude and a larger heart can always say somthing nice about someone and something has a lot of love to share with the closest person to her but can be a pain also can be one of the most evil person you'll ever meet until you let them open up to you
Solei is very nice
by Anonymous1233445678)) December 20, 2016
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The most beautiful girl you could ever find she is funny and cares about you more than the world no matter what though Solei has the biggest heart ever ....etc
... Solei
by It’s.almxghty.e July 12, 2018
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Solei is a beautiful sunny girl with a warm personality, who brings out the best in everyone. Very athletic and creative and is always there when needed. She is a good friend and a good person. She is liked by all even though she may not think so.
by Hahabbababwhnqjqjwhhwhwjwjjw November 14, 2016
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Soleis is the most beautiful girl with the prettiest hair and eyes and smile. She will always be chill, but hyper af on random days because shes a crackhead. Soleis has a crazy hot body and should know it. All the girls are jealous of her but she doesnt know and all the guys want her too.
Girl.1- who do you guys like?

Guy 1- Soleis
Guy 2- Soleis
Guy 3- Soleis
Guy 4 - Soleis... what about you?

Girl.1 - Soleis, I love her hair
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that one hot chick that everyone likes. she has a good body and a pretty face. everyone loves her. she always outbeats her friends and is the best. she is a trend keeper and the most stylish. if you catch her crying, thats rare
ayo look soleis coming
quick! act cool
via giphy
by calstrophobia.athing January 27, 2021
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