13 definitions by Givmefweedum

Any nonphysical disease that is spread by people saying meaningless and inoffensive things.
This guy is spreading his verbally transmitted disease to everyone!
by Givmefweedum October 8, 2021
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Any situation where people around the world host a snowball fight to settle conflict.
We need a global snowball fight to achieve world peace and have fun.
by Givmefweedum October 8, 2021
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The region between Ohio and Indiana.
Ohindiana is the place to be!
by Givmefweedum September 23, 2021
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Any software that is useless and takes up space on computers and other electronics.
My phone was filled with crapware when I first bought it!
by Givmefweedum July 18, 2023
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This big cigar is just a slob that doesn't contribute anything to society. He only uses his money for power.
by Givmefweedum October 8, 2021
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