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English pop duo, popular back in the late 80's and early ninties. Wrote great songs, with Vince Clark's innovative use of synthesised sounds and samples creating a varied and exciting back drop for the singer Andy Bell, who is an amazing vocalist. The songs are all classics, but unfortunatly, that meant we had to put up with those tossers wheatus covering "A little respect" and absolutley butchering it.
Try "Star" or "Drama!"
by Giles2112 April 16, 2005
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A skinhead haircut that has been allowed to grow to a shabby length, to the level where the hair is poking over the ears. It is the same length all over in most places, leading to a general look of untidiness.

First came from a boy called "Lee Colins", a boy from a poor family who always got his head shaved every couple of months to cure his headlice infestation. However, in between cuts it would grow to shabby proportions, and his foul attitude has led for this insult to be his legacy.
"Copey man, sort that hair out!"

"There is nothing wrong with it, it just needs cut!"

"Well get it done then, you can't walk round school with a Colins, you puff!"
by Giles2112 April 14, 2005
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Name later changed to Raiden before MKII, he is "The god of thunder" in the Mortal Kombat series. He also kicks ass.
"Have you seen Raydens head pop fatality?"

"No, I will pick sub Zero and you can show me!"
by Giles2112 April 14, 2005
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the shame of the English, in reality just twats with a deadbeat town. Oh yeah, the football team is shite too. Hell, even they admit that. Yeah, Sunderland is a sink hole, do your best to avoid it.
by Giles2112 April 14, 2005
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A fantastic bassist. Most famous for being Joe Satriani's live bassist and for recordind with Steve vai, it is less well known that he has a solo career of his own and has produced the best albums ever alongside Rush. His style is a mix of slap and pop with some mad tapping bits thrown in, although he is arguably most famous as a bassist for his cover of Beethovens "Moonlight Sonata".

He now has his own Fender signature bass, testament to his skill and contributions to music from the late 80's up until now.

Also, has worked on two Rush tribute albums, as well as doing trio work with GHS. His trademark melody, feel and control are ever-present, and he is regarded rightly as one of the best bassists ever.
"Lol, y00z R all fagz lol1!111!!, M1k3 D1rnt/Mark H0pp8s/F13ldy is teh best bassor eva!111!!"

"get with the program freak, check outsome Stuart hamm!
by Giles2112 April 10, 2005
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The shame of the United Kingdom. Famous for crap bands and bestiality, not famous for much else, apart from a ridiculously bad accent.
For example, a short coversation between two Scottish people:

"Hey, wanna go to Wales for the weekend? We can go out for a drink and pull!"

"Piss off,lets get drunk in England, where the tradition is to pull women and not shag sheep!
by Giles2112 April 9, 2005
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