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A noun used to describe inconvenient gases and/or fluids being expelled from the anus in a discreet manner.
"Hey Marsha! Want go to to the beach later?" "Aw shucks, David. I wish I could, but wheatus has struck."
by sugargay~ May 8, 2018
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When something is unacceptable / not good. Originating from the song 'teenage dirtbag' by the band from which the name derives.
'Hey mum. What is this food, it is wheatus.' 'But son....your room is wheatus'
by dictionary kid September 24, 2013
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That one guy that wears flamingo shit from old navy.
Guy 1: Hey want to go to old navy?
Guy 2: No I don't want that wheatus bullshit.
by Jimminy kkrixket December 2, 2020
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(not the band) a word to describe when you get that feeling when you watch breaking bad and better call saul {especially better call saul} and the feeling that you get when you lick ice from a lamppost for youtube views (it was worth it)
G1 - yo did you watch the Crush40 concert last night
G2 - yeah man it was totally wheatus
G1 - what the fuck is wheatus
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