13 definitions by Gdisvvc

When you’re in online class and your about to die of boredom
Usually type it in your google searchbar
Mom: lemme check ur search history
Me: nooooooooooooooooooooo
My search history:
by Gdisvvc March 19, 2023
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Used to clean your clothes
Some people are addicted to sniffing it for some reason
How to use:
1. Put clothes in washing machine
2. Add laundry detergent
3. Turn on washing machine
Don’t drink laundry detergent
You will literally fucking die
by Gdisvvc March 21, 2023
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A small town in Ontario, about a hour north of downtown Toronto.

Some attractions, rich history, nice Main Street to vibe in.

It is also totally not coincidentally my hometown. That is why I know this.

And if some guy decides to scour the entirety of Newmarket to find me and murder me in my sleep, fuck.
I live in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe.
Why am I like this
by Gdisvvc March 20, 2023
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When you get caught having illegal firearms
Usually to prevent yourself from getting fucked
1: what did John do to get arrested?
2: possession of illegal firearms
1: ok
by Gdisvvc April 2, 2023
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A Big Mac, but chicken edition

A shortcut into getting a heart attack

Also supposedly hella fucking good
Wanna go to McDonald’s
Sure, I’ll get a chicken Big Mac
by Gdisvvc March 21, 2023
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