Something sucks that no one wants.
We learned nothing from online class!
by Mi_goreng May 3, 2023
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A class your lame guidance officers put you in when they mess up your schedule. You sit on the computer for hours, and basically slack off.

Also, you send people out to order pizza and get cake, so everything ends up well.
AP Psychology is a BALLIN online class, because you never do any work.

by M.C. Cullough February 7, 2007
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Bullshit class that takes about five minutes each day. You learn about as much as you would in a normal class, but you finish and get your credit in about a month.
I'm taking Government and Economics online. They are such bullshit classes. It's because they are online classes.
by iLoveYou182 June 30, 2012
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The most sinister thing teachers come up with during the pandemic. This takes a massive shit on the freedom of most children and at times takes even longer to do than the 7 fucking hours we spend in regular school. And the ironic part is that teachers don't want us sitting at a computer for so long because it will ruin our eyes and yet hold these things. The only good thing about this is that we won't have to eat the dogshit 7-week-old lunch the school provides while at the same time hearing the utter obnoxiousness that happens inside of the cafeteria.
In my online class experience, It was absolute shit having assigned these assignments that can go on for hours and hours while our english teacher once assigned this long-ass digital chapter book that no one gave two shits to read. And now I'm supposed to be completing my Science work but instead writing an entire definition and taking my anger out on online school in urban dictionary? Indeed I am...
by BonelessJohn May 26, 2020
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Online classes is literally your school turning your house into a prison
Mom: “You have to do online classes
by carguy772 September 29, 2020
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Some dumb motherfucker thought quarantine was not challenging enough so they decided to have Online Classes. Now we have to attend zoom meetings and watch our teachers getting fucking zoom bombed for the 4th time this week. It is also proven your attention span decreases while on online class along with your grade.
by Dat_Boi33 September 24, 2020
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Kid's way to learn how to ignore
Bro Jered i just played games and ignored my teacher during my whole Online Classes
by LenovoSharko October 6, 2020
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