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The worst, buugiest, most indecipherable code you will ever come across. Upon encountering Microsoft Code, a programmer should run, not walk, in the opposite direction.
If it's written in Hungarian Notation, uses way too many pointers, and is incomprehensible, chances are you're dealing with Microsoft Code.
by Gazuga May 16, 2004

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A string of numbers or characters that often come with computer games or software. The user is required to input the CD key to install the product or play online.

A CD-key is verified by being plugged into a mathematical formula and checking to see if it returns the proper value. For example, a very simple CD-key system would check to make sure that all the numbers in the CD-key add up to a specified number. In addition to this, many games and software products require you to verify your CD-key over the internet. However, this doesn't stop people from creating "keygens" or programs that automatically generated valid CD-keys.
When the cheater got caught, they banned his CD-key and now he can't play online anymore.
by Gazuga May 11, 2004

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A pornographic fanfiction that consists of almost nothing but explicit, usually badly-written, sex scenes. This is the kind of stuff that gives all fan fic authors a bad name.
Some idiot fangirl has a whole bunch of lemons on her website.
by Gazuga April 03, 2004

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Streaming SIMD Extensions. A set of instructions that Intel introduced with the Pentium III that allow one instruction to operate on multiple pieces of data.
I made my program run with SSE! w00t!
by Gazuga April 10, 2004

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LOad of Maddening Asinine Crap, otherwise known as Lock On: Modern Air Combat.

A jocular flight sim that is a prime indicator of the sorry state of PC flight sims. Despite the fact that it has no real campaign system, ludicrous system requirements, a lack of detailed avionics modelling, a poorly-coded graphics engine, and more bugs than the Brazilian rainforest, it is still championed by some as the "king of military flight sims" by people who have never played Falcon 4.0
Flight Simmer 1: Hey, have you placed LOMAC?
Flight Simmer 2: No way, I refuse to poison my computer with that shit.
by Gazuga April 10, 2004

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A Super Nintendo game released in 1993 and developed by Argonaut that was one of the first games to feature the SuperFX chip, a math coprocessor installed in the game cartridge that allowed for primitive 3D graphics. The game spawned a lackluster N64 sequel, as well as becoming something of a game icon to furries everywhere.
I must have spent hours playing the original Star Fox as a kid.
by Gazuga April 10, 2004

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