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a pimp, or a hairy man who is drunk all the time. This man must also be employed at a BP gas station.
Steven looks just like a sanker when he has that pokemon shirt on.
by Gary Coleman February 02, 2003
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A medical condition characterized by decreased airflow through the nasal cavity due to being packed full of shit. Common causes include: tossing salad, ramming one's nose up the boss' ass and having one's head up one's ass.
Hey Joe, It looks like you got poop snout since you ate Carl's ass.
by Gary Coleman September 11, 2003
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the offspring of mike williams and shaniqa
"the cum weasel ran away last week"
by gary coleman February 05, 2004
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A mechanism through which the people of the state of California revoke the title, rights and privaledges of the governor of California and hold a general election to place another person in said office so that he may fuck it up either worse, not as badly, or equally as badly.
The Austrian won the recall election and now the state's just slightly less fucked up.
by Gary Coleman September 09, 2003
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to buy a chicken wing from an old arab man that smells bad and has a yellow penis
the other day i charabed for lunch
by Gary Coleman October 06, 2004
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When one, be it bitch or muthafukka, is having aggressive or overly contrary feelings toward another.
Dat punk is straight trippin, he's gonna get served.
by Gary Coleman September 09, 2003
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To be sheltered in an enclosed area for days without friends, food or water.
The abandoned crack house by the train tracks was the "Kravanos" for many of Compton's underprivileged kids.
by Gary Coleman February 22, 2003
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