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The Gallaic king of ancient Gallaecia in modern parts of Galicia, W. Asturias and N. Portugal.
Breoghan MacBratha is the modern Gaelic name.
The king of the Gallaeci was Briganos Maccos Brattae.
by GalaicoWarrior May 19, 2010
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Celtic king of Galicia, also known as Breoghan macBratha.
Breganos maccos Bratus was a Milesian.
by GalaicoWarrior May 25, 2008
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A Celt from Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Descendant of the ancient Gallaeci Celts of Galicia, N.W. Spain and N. Portugal.
A Goidelic (Q-CELTIC) Celt.
The Irish, Scots and Manxs are all Gaels.
by GalaicoWarrior September 4, 2007
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An ancient scripture found mainly in Celtic nations.
Ogham is "occman" in Primitive Celtic.
Primitive Irish was written in ogham.
by GalaicoWarrior May 15, 2010
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n. An ancient Celt from N. E. Spain.
adj. An archaic Q-Celtic language spoken in Celtiberia.
Celtiberian, Goidelic and Gallaic are Q-Celtic languages.
by GalaicoWarrior May 16, 2010
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An ancient Celt of Britannia (Britain).
Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni tribe was a Briton.
by GalaicoWarrior May 23, 2010
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An ancient P-Celtic language spoken in Gaul, even though there were traces of Q-Celtic speakers in Gaul who were the Goidels that settled in Aquitania in moderm N. W. France.
Gaulish, Brythonic, Lepontic, Noric and Galatian are P-Celtic.
It took 3 Romans to beat a Gaulish Celt in battle.
by GalaicoWarrior May 18, 2010
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