The N. W. region of Spain were the ancient Gallaeci of the Halstatt Culture settled circa 600bC. Gallaic was the Q-Celtic language spoken by the Gallaeci.
Famous for the Santiago pilgrimage.
Land of the Milesian Gaels.
The Milesian Gaels sailed from Galicia to Ireland.
by GalaicoWarrior May 17, 2010
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A Maplestory (GMS) server released along with the patch that brought the Aran class. It continuously grows in population and is considered a nice starting server for new players.

Galicia has the reputation of having a so-so economy in comparison to more popular servers such as Scania and Windia, but is generally considered more welcoming in terms of player friendliness.

In terms of density, Galicia has more Aran players than any other server.

The more common abbreviated form of Galicia is "Gali".
Player 1: When BB comes I'm transferring to Galicia.
Player 2: omg y?
Player 1: Too many DB's stealing my kills in Windia.
Player 2: wait do u mean douchebags or dual bladers?
Player 1: Both.
by Galician December 29, 2010
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Is a autonomic community in Spain. Galicia has its own language, Galician, which comes from the Galician-Portuguese, who also was born of Portuguese. Border with Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean (also with regions of "Castilla y Leon" and "Asturias"). Its climate is warm in summer but in winter is very cold. The capital cityl is Santiago de Compostela and the largest city is "A Coruña". Galicia has about two and a half million inhabitants. Of whom 80% speak Galician. It has its own television channel, "TVG" which is a leader in hearing Friday in Galicia.
by TheCarlos232 October 27, 2011
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You know that guy from Mid90s he played as Ruben and yeah he’s HOT anyways bye
omg look at Gio Galicia’s skate video
by Ca7ly September 13, 2020
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