The people and language of Galicia in N. W. Spain.
Descendents of the ancient Gallaeci Celts of the Halstatt Culture that settled in Gallaecia circa 600bC.
Gallaic was the archaic Q-Celtic language spoken by the Gallaeci.
Gallaic is similar to Goidelic and Celtiberian.
Galician is the language and people of Galicia.
by GalaicoWarrior May 17, 2010
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People that was born in Galicia, region in the northwest of Spain. Is rather different as the other regions and has an own language, galician as well, and culture. We descent directly from the celtic cultures and we are in the celtic countries league also, even when they, sometimes, want us to quit, because by the roman invasion we finally lost the celtic language, which suffered an evolution, creating, finally, the Galician language. Is, for sure, the best place in Spain for taking gastronomy holidays, and is famous by the "Camino de Santiago"-"saint-jacques path", the most important religious travel in the catholic religion all over the world. The galician people has an special character and behaviour, and they are traditionally the emigrants and fisherman of spain. I AM PROUD OF BEING GALICIAN, CELTIC, AND BORN IN NOIA. SALUD A TODOS COMPAÑEROS!!!, QUE RULE MAS ESTRELLA!!!!
Brad: do you know this guy?, he speaks spanish with an strange accent.
Breogan: Of course he speaks!, he´s Galician!
by Isaac Iglesias February 08, 2008
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Rural spaniards, who emigrated to south america. Very hard-headed, stubborn, similar to oxen. Related to Canary Islanders, who are also rural, hard-headed, stubborn, bruttish people.
We have to carry all those bricks? No, let the Galician do it.
by joe brown 2 June 29, 2010
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A bruise caused by being hit real hardwith a guy's penis.
Matt turkey slapped me so hard he left me a galician cardinal.
by Ram Rancher June 03, 2018
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