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n. The only substance known to mankind that has been scientifically proven to cure hangovers. It's also the third ingredient in Gatorade, right after sugar and yellow dye #5.
Person 1: Awwwww, my head is killing me. Last night was rough.
Person 2: Here drink some Gatorade, it's got electrolytes and shit.
by gabulldogs123 May 29, 2008

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Copping a feel on a girl without ever making out. Most commonly occurs at parties or dance clubs. Named for the circumstance in baseball when a player hits a ball and it bounces over the wall. He automatically advances to second base.
Person 1: Dude, did you see me grabbing that girl's tit when we were dancing? I totally just got to second base in like 5 minutes.

Person 2: I'm not sure if that qualifies as second base. It's more like a ground rule double.
by gabulldogs123 July 28, 2008

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adj. The state of intoxication slightly beyond tipsy. This can best be achieved by consuming 4 - 7 alcoholic drinks in an hour.
Person 1: Dude, are you good to drive tonight, you've been drinking pretty hard.
Person 2: It's cool man. I'm sloppy, but I'll definitely make it home.
by gabulldogs123 May 29, 2008

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The best way to end a totally bullshit sentence that makes it seem like it could be true...arguably.
Hey man, I totally hooked up with your girlfriend last night...arguably.
by gabulldogs123 May 29, 2008

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The only reason college students read the newspaper.
Sweet... buy one get one free packs of Ramen at Kroger. Thank God for coupons.
by gabulldogs123 August 04, 2008

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In 90's hip-hop, the word jeep is used to describe any SUV, regardless of manufacturer.
Notorious B.I.G. (1994):Cause I'm knee deep in the beats
In the Land Cruiser Jeep with the Mac-10 by the seats

Missy Elliot (1997): Beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep? V-r-rrrrrrrooooom! (In the music video she's in an H1)
by Gabulldogs123 July 28, 2008

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