The fourth installment of Rocky.

In this film, Apollo is killed by an incredibly strong Russian named Ivan Drago.

Rocky must avenge his friend so he goes to Russia, and on Christmas Day, gets hit a thousand times and knocked down 10+ times, still, somehow manages to beat the Russian in the 15th and final round.

At the end of the fight, the Soviet crowd cheers on Rocky...that part probably ruins any idea of realism in the story.

Nonetheless, Rocky IV is a cold war masterpiece, and for Rocky fans, the training montages and the final fight are the best in the series.
" Rocky IV is MUCH better than Rocky V "
by Bill Abnovsky August 23, 2006
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The Rocky IV Challenge isn't for the faint of heart. It is a serious challenge that should only be taken by the most serious of opponents.

Items for the Rocky IV Challenge

2.Rocky IV Soundtrack

That is all you need. (item wise)

Now that you have beer what you need to do is have a designated, "drinking spot".

Now you can do this multiple ways, but the way that works the best is....Listening to the cd in this order.

1.Burning Heart - Survivor
2.No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper
3.Training Montage - Vince DiCola

Now while listening to your Rocky IV soundtrack, you need to put as many beers you think you and an adversary can consume, down on a table in a straight line.
You start on one end, and your opponent starts on the other end, and you drink to the in the middle, OR...have an odd amount of beer, and race to the middle....either way....Rocky IV Challenge will rock your fucking face.
Stand, drink, rock out to Rocky IV while taking the Rocky IV Challenge.
by Bombchild September 25, 2008
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