short for admiring.
you mirin son?
by comeatmebro1 June 20, 2010
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u mirin?

ye u mirin
by croppers September 29, 2011
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When people are admiring your gains. Supa set!
All these peasants are mirin’.
by Dom Mazzeti June 12, 2019
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they 'mirin my 'stethics
by youfukkinnigger August 11, 2011
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To be in awe of something to the point of envy or
Frank was mirin the greek statue so much that he couldn’t help but speak out in jealousy
by Fredrick the Mediocre October 27, 2022
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The act of a 3 or more participating in a homosexual gang bang.
Morry has been jostling for a mirin for a long time.
by Jack Kendall, Ed. July 17, 2015
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