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Chuck Norris' Ebil brother

Believed not to exist, are no one has proof of his existence. The only knowledge of him if through folklore.
I hear Nuck Chorris was created one day when Chuck Norris roundhoused kicked too hard til he opened a time portal, and he split.
by GO DJ HaKa May 03, 2006

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The brand of TALL T's found in the hood, especially peurto rican owned shops in the south. They come in sizes 4x-6x, maybe even 7x. They also have colored T's & long johns/muscle shirts, but White T's are the #1 seller.
My homies in New Orleans sportin dem Sada's
by GO DJ HaKa October 09, 2010

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To shoot someone, particularly but not limited to, the head region.
When we robbed Fort Knox, this general & vault guard kept saying there hasn't been gold in the vaults since 1953 and that we wasting our time. I told them "STOP FUCKIN' WITH ME BEFORE I BLOW YO SHIT BACK! BOTH OF YALL!!"
by GO DJ HaKa December 11, 2017

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Just like jesus christ (imagine jesus walking on water). Means things either:

1.) something moving real fast (see "round trip")
2.) leaves no matter what the conditions (see above)

note before Walking On Water can take place, hard work must occur & a good worth ethic is needed. The lazy & procrastinators of the world NEVER experience walking on water.

can be associated with anything (legal/illegal). Coined by Rick Ross on the song "Walking On Water" produced by Lex Luger.
"Gettin money, lil dude, big crib shit look like a middle school/ Chrome rims, the white coupe, walking on water, dat wat da white do!!"

Tom:I signed up with that company that gives away cooking knife sets by mailorder today
Bob: Why did you do that?
Tom: Don't worry, i'll have them walking on water in no time!
by GO DJ HaKa June 12, 2011

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When a friend leaves you a package containing drugs. This can be:
1.) With your knowing (calls you that he's bringing it or text to check somewhere he left it for you)
2.) As a surprise (left in your car, left under the xmas tree, or in your mailbox etc)

Usually care packages contain things like but aren't limited to: pre-rolled joints or blunts, loose grams (low or high grade) cannabis, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, ecstasy), Hydrocodone (Norco Lorcet Vicodin Lortabs), Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin, Endocet, Primlev), Alprazolam (Xanax, Handlebars) , Benzoylmethylecgonine (Cocaine, Crack), Codeine (Actavis, Tylenol T3, 2065 V 4 etc), Promethazine (pills or liquid), alcohol, cigarettes, or Salvia Divinorum.
I was having a boring day until I went in my car and saw my friend K. Cobain left a care package for me. My day was instantly brightened!

"I left my friend GO DJ HaKa a care package of 2 blunts & 2 X pills. This will help him to have a great birthday night with his hookers."
by GO DJ HaKa April 22, 2018

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when u moving product (legal or illegal) so fast it doesn't even stay in your possession more than 12 to 24 hours, even less.
We used to move dope slow & on the slick , but nowadays we call them bricks round trips
by GO DJ HaKa April 15, 2011

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Ornamental jewelry either worn inside a pocket or clipped to. Mostly used to describe Mont Blanc pens, but may include anything else that has no other purpose or function than to be expensive and maybe look cool.
"On a trip to Germany, GO DJ HaKa gave the president of AMG-Mercedes, Dietmar Exler, a Montblanc Boehme Royal Pen that costs $1.5 Million. What an expensive piece of pocket jewelry."

"When I go to important business meetings, I always wear cuff links, metal collar stays, my 24k gold polo mallet tie clip, and most importantly bring my Pocket Jewelry. I always also bring a back-up BIC pen just in case my Mont Blanc fails to write which it is known to do, no matter the cost of the pen."
by GO DJ HaKa June 02, 2018

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